Investment Prospectus

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Exactly What Is An Investment Prospectus?

AN Investment Prospectus is a Quick and Easy Way to say Hello to Potential Investors

An Investment Propsectus Outlines the Key Concepts and Data behind Your Project. It Quickly Allows Investors to Evaluate Whether They Should investigate Your Project Further. ANd of Course, Possibly Invest…..

Financial Modeling and Forecasting


Financial Modeling for ALL Cannabis Business Models

CEMDR? Cultivation, Extraction, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail? No Problem! Secure Transport or Lab Testing Facilty? We Got You Covered!

Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statement Of Cash Flows,, Shareholder's Equity, CAPEX, OPEX. These are all financial data that investor's will require, so you better have your ducks in a row.

New Leaf Consulting will make sure your financials and numbers are right on point and show the true potential growth of your company in the years to come.

Pitch Deck/Investor Presentations


Possibly the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to trying to get an investor to buy in. The PITCH DECK outlines in easy to read slides, what your business is all about, how you plan to get customers, the milestones you hope to achieve, your funding needs, and your exit strategy. It is the first thing an investor will want to see, so yours needs to shine. New Leaf Consulting can help design you a PITCH DECK that will blow your investor prospects away.