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The New Leaf Complete Minnesota Cannabis Social Equity License Application Package

Everything you need to fulfill ALL of the requirements to apply for a coveted Mezzobusiness or Microbusiness License.

$5,000 for the Whole Starter Package


Documents for all license types: cultivation, dispensary, extraction & manufacturing, transport

  • Financials for all license types. Full sets of 7 year Pro Forma Financial Excel Workbooks
  • Capitalization Tables
  • Compliance Documents, Manifest, Logs & Supplemental Appendix Executive Summary
  • Operating Agreement
  • Operations Manuals
  • Promissory Note Template
  • Operating Agreement
  • S Election Form (be taxed as a S Corp rather than a C Corp)



  • Dispensary
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Distribution & Transport
  • Retail
  • CEMDR (Full Vertical Integration)


  • Accounting and Tax Compliance Plan
  • Diversity Plan
  • Inventory Control Plan
  • Recorkeeping plan
  • Cultivational Operations Manual
  • Employee Handbook
  • Marketing Manual
  • Regulatory Compliance plan
  • Dispensary Operations Manual
  • Extraction Manufacturing Operation Manual
  • Packaging and Labeling Plans
  • Security Plan
  • Dispensary Patient customer handbook
  • Fire Safety plan
  • Quality Assurance Manual
  • Workforce Diversity Development and Job Creation Plan


Business Plan & 7 Year Pro Forma Financials

Business Plans included for:

  • Dispensary
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Other assorted financials — too many to list.


  • Labor Peace Agreement
  • Promissory Note
  • Operating Agreement
  • Form D Registration Form (U.S. and State Registration Form)
  • Staffing Position Templates


All Compliance Logs, Manifests, Clearances, Agreements, Reports, etc.

  • Security Compliance
  • Product Recall Forms

Quality Assurance Forms & Incident Reports

  • Sanitation & Maintenance Supplemental Appendix
  • Security Logs And Agreements
  • Transport Logs
  • Compliance and Report Forms
  • All Security Forms
  • Product Recall and Quality Assurance Forms
  • Sanitation & Waste Management Forms


Hourly Flat Rate $300/hour

If you would like to have the top gurus in the U.S. guide you through the entire process, we are available. We have been in business since January 1, 2016, providing service to multi-state clients serving over 480 clients across the U.S. Book a meeting with our 2 Top Directors:

Mr. Scott W. Lowry — Ceo/Founder of New Leaf
Mr. Terry Hawkins — Executive Director of Client and Project Management

What does a typical meeting consist of?

For each one-hour meeting, you will get the industry’s two leading experts with many wins in many states.

We will go over the following:

  • The Full Regulations
  • New Public Releases of Information Released by the State Regarding this Application or App Submission
  • Social Equity Requirements
  • Requirements for Application and App Submission
  • Corporate Structuring and Formation of your Entities
  • Operating Agreements: Ownership Percentages for Voting, Management & Net Distributions
  • Financials – Projecting how much will be needed for the capital stack to fund the project for the first one to three years and ensuring the cash flow projections meet the need of the project to keep investors engaged and pleased. Most importantly, to advise the state that you have adequate funds if the license is granted.
  • Completing the Design and Layout of Your Facility
  • All Required Director Release Forms, Truth Attestations, etc.
  • The Actual Submission Process and Application Submission through the Final Submission
  • And anything else that will help you SUCCEED AT WINNING THAT LICENSE!
Starting at $900


Financials can be designed by New Leaf. We will provide you with a first version of your 7 Year Pro Forma Financials, then review, update & adjust. Financial set 1st version and editing to final financials + excel workbook & data set — STARTING AT $900

Since 2016, New Leaf has prepared financials for over 480 clients across the U.S. including Dispensaries, Cultivation Indoor & Outdoor, Extraction Facilities and Transportation Facilities. Our TOP OF THE LINE FINANCIALS are prepared by the New Leaf agency CEO/Founder, Scott W. Lowry.

Starting at $750

Schematic Design (SD) Floorplan Development

Floorplan Development — To-Scale with Security OverlaysStarting at $750

New Leaf has created Floorplans for Dispensaries, Cultivation Indoor and Outdoor, Extraction Facilities, and Transportation Facilities all across the country.

TOP OF LINE FLOORPLANS are designed by Our EXPERT CAD DESIGNERS. Plans will be designed to-scale and we will also be available to help on an hourly basis on the actual design specifications. We have designed well over 480 Different Floorplans with Security Equipment Overlays, Color Coded Access Sections (if needed).


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