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Operations Manuals, Security Manuals, Marketing Plans, Inventory? Staffing? Community Outreach Plan? You Need Required Manuals for Your Submission? We’ve Got Them.

State Required Operations Manuals and Plans

Our agency has spent the past five years creating, revising, and updating our extensive library of manuals handbooks, and plans. Below are a few of our more common state required manuals, handbooks and plans that we have used across the United States for licensing applicants. We supply operations manuals for every type of licensable cannabis business, including:

  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Infuser/Processor/Extraction Facilities
  • Secure Transport Facilities
  • Multi-tenant Caregiver Cultivation Facilities
  • Laboratory Testing Facilities
  • MicroBusinesses
  • Onsite Safe Consumption Facilities
  • Cannabis Event Facilities

We offer the following manuals, plans, handbooks, and programs to help you get through Licensure Requirements for your state:

  • Security Manuals
  • Operations Manuals
  • Patient Education Handbooks
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Inventory and RecordKeeping Manuals
  • Pest Control Management Programs
  • Waste Management and Chemical Storage Operations Manual
  • Staffing and Training Manuals
  • Community Outreach/Engagement Plans and Social Equity Programs
  • Diversity Plans
  • Cannabis Research Programs
  • Marketing and Customer Acquisition Plans
  • Business Plans and Financials
  • Transportation and Distribution Plans
  • Labor Peace Agreements
  • Vendor/Vendee Distribution Agreements

Need assistance getting a cannabis business license? We can help. Get a Free Consultation

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