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Learn About Mississippi’s New Regulations  MS Cannabis Licensing

Mississippi Cannabis license Consulting | Mississippi Cannabis License Requirements

Mississippi passed Initiative 65 after approving Ballot Measure 1 to allow medical marijuana by about 68% of the vote – 32% against. After approving the ballot measure, the votes picked Initiative 65 with about 74% of the vote.

When are Marijuana Business License Applications Open in Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Health has to implement the provisions of the amendment and issue rules and regulations for the program by July 1, 2021.

The deadline to issue identification cards and licenses for treatment centers by August 15, 2021. Summer 2021 – Mississippi license application & window for submission.

Types of Marijuana Business Licenses to Become Available in Mississippi: 

The only license available for a marijuana business in Mississippi is for “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center”.

The medical marijuana treatment centers are entities registered with and licensed and regulated by the department and that processes medical marijuana, related supplies, and/or educational materials. A treatment center may engage in one or more of the activities involved in the processing of medical marijuana.

Number of Marijuana Business Licenses Allowed in Mississippi?

Mississippi didn’t set a statewide capped number of licenses for medical marijuana treatment centers, contrary to many other states in the United States like Illinois and Arizona.

Taxes in Mississippi for Marijuana

The department may assess up to the equivalent of the state’s sales tax rate to the final sale of medical marijuana, but the tax rate hasn’t been established yet.

Can Municipalities Ban Marijuana Businesses in Mississippi

Marijuana treatment centers local zoning provisions applicable cannot be any more restrictive than other comparably sized and staffed lawful commercial or industrial businesses.

Key Points on Mississippi Initiative 65

Initiative 65 passed by about 68% of the vote – 32% against. After approving the ballot measure, the votes picked Initiative 65 with about 74% of the vote.

Home grow?

  • NO

Social Equity?

Bare Minimum Criteria Towards Restorative Justice: 

  • Expungement? NO 
  • Social Equity Provisions? NO 
  • Portion of Taxes Allocated to Impacted Communities? No

Possession Rules

  • Up to 1 oz of flower or 8 grams of concentrate

License Windows

  • Begin accepting applications for providers and dispensaries on January 1, 2022. 


  • Medical Marijuana Treatment centers

Need assistance getting a Mississippi cannabis business license? We can help. Get a Free Consultation