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Do you and Your Company NEED to raise Capital for your project?

Are you confused as to who you can offer this deal to (Accredited and Non Accredited Investors), how to structure it, and what legal documents are involved? The process of raising capital for your business can be EXTREMELY frightening and stressful. There is a RIGHT way to do it, and there is most definitely a WRONG way to do it

The OBAMA Job’s Act and Regulation 506 (d)

Under The OBAMA Job’s act and SEC Regulation D exemption Section 506, did you know that YOU can offer equity and/or debt shares/ownership of your company to an UNLIMITED number of both ACCREDITED and UNACCREDITED Investors across The globe, WITHOUT having to register with The SEC (Securitiies and Exchange Commisssion)? It is COMPLETELY true. But you have to do it CORRECTLY. All I’s must be dotted and T’s must be crossed and it IS complicated. But it’s NOT Impossible. CANNABIS COMPANIES ARE RAISING CAPITAL ALL OVER THE COUNTRY THIS WAY AS WE SPEAK We handle ALL requirements for properly offering UNREGISTERED investment securities to the general public as well as our ACCREDITED INVESTOR SYNDICATE to get you The capital you need.

Our Full Package Investment Capital Fundraising Services

Our services are from A to Z in helping you raise capital. Specifically, here is what we handle on your behalf.

  • Corporate Structuring and Partnership Agreements
  • 409 (B) Company Valuations based on our Financial Projections and vouched for with a CPA Attestation.
  • 5-7 Year Pro Forma Financial Projections
  • Pre and Post Money Valuations
  • Pre and Post Money Share Price Valuations
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Promissory Notes
  • Investor Prospectus
  • Investment Term Sheet
  • Help with filing all required documentation to legally present and fulfill your offering.
  • Detailed Step by step Instructions and Consulting on how to properly raise capital from friends, family, and the general public

Lastly, New Leaf will act on your behalf in actually SHOPPING the deal to our Investor Syndicate of Accredited Investors from across the Globe. We can help YOU successfully raise the capital needed to Get Your Project Off the Ground and headed towards The Moon!

Need Investment Capital Fundraising Assistance? We can help. Get a Free Consultation