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I Need to Raise Money for my Cannabis Company? How Can I Do It?

Do You NEED Investors? Does Your Company Need Working Capital to Startup Your Cannabis Business?

You got the license, you got the team, you got the real estate, you got the knowhow to be a success, but you DON’T have the money to build out your facility, purchase all the needed equipment, and have working capital in the bank to make sure you have enough money so that the staff is paid, your bills are paid, and you have the capital reserves left over in the war chest in case of emergencies. Lawyers and Accountants are not cheap. Neither is Insurance.

For that matter, neither is purchasing the real estate for your operation, building out or retrofitting your facility, and acquiring all of the equipment needed (Capital Expenditures) to successfully operate, grow, and be successful.

How Do I Raise The Capital I Need to Fund My Company from Investors?

Most companies, cannabis or not, will do an Investment Offering Round to raise the needed funds from investors. The offering usually consists of your company offering a certain percentage of equity/shares to Investors in exchange for the Capital needed to launch the company.

In exchange for this, investors get a very high rate of return, first rights to their share of the net income every year, the profit you make. And also a lot of times the investors will have first rights to their share of the sales proceeds from selling the business, if this is your eventual exit strategy. All this is done through EQUITY FINANCING.

Equity Financing

With equity financing, you sell shares of your company to investors in exchange for capital. This type of funding is typically used for long-term projects, such as building a new facility or expanding into new markets.


A Private Investment Offering Round

Many cannabis companies have been able to secure seed-funding from angel investors or private VC’s, but this isn’t a viable option for everyone. Venture capitalists and independent angel investors typically invest in cannabis start-ups on quite aggressive terms that require diluting the company. Furthermore, average entrepreneurs simply don’t have access to private investors. Giving up equity is not a bad option when gaining expertise from an experienced partner, but entrepreneurs should be careful that they’re not diluting their company more than they need to- especially if investors won’t be useful partners.

Sound Complicated? New Leaf Can Help.

We put together all the tools you and your company will need to legally, under SEC Regulations offer a Private Investment Offering to both Accredited and Unaccredited Cannabis Investors across the United States. We help structure your offering, figure out all the financials, and help to to structure the Rate of Return to Investors for believing gin your company enough to put their money on the Line to help you and your company succeed.

Our Full Package Investment Capital Fundraising Services

Our services are from A to Z in helping you raise capital. Specifically, here is what we handle on your behalf.

Investment Offering Private Placement Memorandum Package Includes:

  • Full investment offering private placement memorandum
  • Offering term and deal structure formation
  • Director/investor equity ownership capitalization table structure formation
  • Corporate structuring guidance, formation and filings
  • Important notices
  • Regulation d disclaimers
  • Jurisdictional (NASAA) legends
  • Summary of the offering
  • The company
  • Management
  • Terms of the offering
  • Plan of distribution
  • Description of securities
  • Use of proceeds
  • Capitalization statement
  • Managements discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of the directors and officers of the company
  • Risk factors
  • Principal shareholders
  • How to invest
  • Investor suitability requirements
  • Litigation
  • 12 page excel workbook of financial forecasts of future operating results
  • Investor suitability questionnaire
  • Stock/membership unit subscription agreement
  • Promissory note (for debt offerings)
  • Operating agreement (for LLCs)
  • Operating agreement signature pages for directors, managing members, & investors
  • Equity notice of stock option grant agreement for investors
  • Equity notice of stock option grant agreement for directors/managing members
  • Investment subscription transaction receipts
  • Membership unit/stock ownership certificates
  • Form D registration form and guidance
  • Staffing position agreement templates
  • Mass advertising your deal in the “Cannabis Investor Marketplace Network”
  • Full blog article for your investment offering in our “Cannabis Investor Marketplace” section on our website.
  • Social media blast — 3 monthly social media blasts of your investment offering to our over 10,000 social media followers
  • Email newsletter blast — 3 monthly email blasts to our cannabis investor marketplace email newsletter subscribers (5000+ subscribers, blasts to over 5000 (tbd)

The Cannabis Investor Marketplace

Introducing… The Cannabis Investor Marketplace has over 10,000 followers across the U.S. on social media who also subscribe to our bi-weekly Cannabis Investor Marketplace Email Newsletter. Our subscribers are actively seeking to get in on the ground floor of an emerging cannabis startup in a new market. Our Cannabis Investor Marketplace Blog and Email Newsletter keep our followers tuned-in to latest cannabis startup investment opportunities across the country.

We can help YOU successfully raise the capital needed to Get Your Project off the Ground and headed towards The Moon!

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