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No matter the state, the cannabis licensing application process and requirements are no joke. New Leaf Cannabis Consulting has a dedicated staff of experts who specialize in license application assistance.

Licensing Requirements, State and Municipal Regulations Overview

Each state that currently has a medicinal or recreational cannabis program and offers business licensing for this highly regulated industry has its own unique set of requirements to successfully navigate the process. Most of the time, what we can tell you for sure, is that it will be a combination of not only license application writing, but also required operations manuals, security plans, business plans, financials, floor plans, etc.

Application Writing

In a lot of states, part of the licensing application process involves technical application writing. Basically, this means answering highly technical questions regarding quality control, inventory control, staffing, training, security, financial metrics, and all other types of standard operating procedures for dispensary, cultivation facility, extraction facility, lab testing facility, or secure transport operation. New Leaf has nearly four years of experience doing technical writing for cannabis applications of all types, all over the united states.

Supplemental Doc Preparation and Exhibit Creation

Most states require various additional supplemental documentation along with manuals and the actual license application itself. Document preparation and procurement can get very confusing, very fact. Our staff takes over the job completely and helps make sure document procurement for your license application runs smoothly.

Required Manual Prep

We have a massive library of required manuals, handbooks, plans, and programs for every type of license. Including, but not limited to business plans, operations manuals, security plans, operations manuals, etc. — too many to name.

Application Package Final Review

When the final application package is finished, and all required supplemental documents, manuals, handbooks, and the full license application and all of its technical criteria have been answered, it’s time for the final review stage. In this stage, we make absolute sure every application requirement is met in our application submission package.


Bon voyage!!! After the final review, our staff personally handles your application package submission. From there, we liaison with your state’s licensing board and assist on your behalf to manage any additional requests, etc. after the application has been submitted.

Need license application assistance? We can help. Get a Free Consultation