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Take a bite out of the BIG APPLE in a BIG WAY!

1 of only 13 cGMP Processing and Cultivation Facilities Awarded a Recreational License

The Market

The size of the New York cannabis market is projected to reach $7.07 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research. This will rival California in becoming the largest cannabis market — in the world. This projection is based on the strength of the recreational cannabis use in the State which is planned to begin by the end of the year. For the 100 to 200 conditional licensed adult use retailers under review, 52 conditional adult-use cultivation licenses have been issued to hemp cultivators in order to meet expected demand. Conditional licenses have until the end of June to convert to full adult use licensing. The marijuana flower from these grows will be processed by only 13 cGMP hemp cultivation/production facilities.

The Opportunity

Hemp farm conditionally licensed for adult-use cannabis cultivation and processing, 50K s.f. (Hybrid license allows for 30K s.f. indoor grow, 20K s.f. processing and storage).

  • LIMITED COMPETITION – one of only 13 conditionally licensed adult use cultivator/processors that will serve 203 conditional licensed cultivators.
  • Existing 11,500 sq. ft facility (14 ft tall overhead doors, loading dock with 10 ft tall door and 18 ft ceiling height in approximately 70% of the building, 9 ft height in 30% of the building with 18 parking spots).
  • Facility meets all NY State requirements for cGMP facilities. NOTE: New licenses will require facilities to be built prior to receiving cGMP certs.
  • Est. $1.5M invested into the CO2 and integrated ethanol extraction systems and related processing equipment that comes with the license.
  • Minimal build out for the leased facility is required for processing.
  • Gives buyer a jump on getting their products on retailer shelves early.
  • License owned by equity investor, not operators. Property is not included.
  • After second year of expansion owner may opt to expand or transfer license to larger facilities.


Valued at $21M for 100% of the equity over time, we will invite all bids including a JV structure buying a controlling majority now and the balance in the future. The deal is flexible.