Missouri's Upcoming Cannabis Application Process. What You Need to Know.

Within 18o days from this past Nov. 6th, according to the New Missouri State Cannabis Regulations, Missouri, the Show Me State, will be starting the application process to obtain cannabis business license. Here’s what you need to know.

On Tuesday Nov. 6th, Missouri passed Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment to allow medical cannabis, passed by a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent.

Under Amendment 2, qualified patients who have approval from their physicians will receive identification cards from the state. This allows them and their registered caregivers to no more than six marijuana plants and purchase four ounces of cannabis a month from dispensaries.

Surprisingly, there is no specific list of qualifying disorders. This means, essentially, that doctors will be able to recommend medical cannabis for any condition they see fit;

State regulators have a maximum of 180 days from Tuesday, November 6th (This Past Election Day) to start the application process to obtain state licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as cultivation, testing and infused product manufacturing businesses.

Some Key Takeaways from Amendment 2 are:


There’s no cap on the types of cannabis edibles or raw flower strains you can produce There’s no cap on the methods of administering of said cannabis edibles or raw flower strains you can consume (vapes, tinctures, smoking, etc.)

State Licensed Physicians are the only ones that can register a card, and they can do so for any condition. Also, a Seed to Sale Tracking System is required. The Department is going to authorize at least 2 companies to provide this service

The Application Process

A system will be developed to numerically score competing cannabis business licensee’s. The scores will be based on the following:

§  The character, veracity, background, qualifications, and relevant experience of principal officers or managers;

§  the business plan proposed by the applicant, which in the case of cultivation facilities and dispensaries shall include the ability to maintain an adequate supply of marijuana, plans to ensure safety and security of Qualifying Patients and the community, procedures to be used to prevent diversion, and any plan for making Marijuana available to low-income Qualifying Patients;

§  site security

§  experience in a legal cannabis market;

§  in the case of Medical Marijuana Testing Facilities, the experience of their personnel with testing marijuana, food or drugs for toxins and/or potency and health care industry experience;

§  the potential for positive economic impact in the site community;

§  in the case of Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, capacity or experience with agriculture, horticulture, and health care;

§  in the case of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facilities, capacity or experience with health care, the suitability of the proposed location, and its accessibility for patients; (ix) in the case of Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing

§  Facilities, capacity or experience with food and beverage manufacturing;

§  Maintaining competitiveness in the marijuana for medical use marketplace


In ranking applicants and awarding licenses and certificates, the Department may consult or contract with other public agencies with relevant expertise regarding these factors. The Department shall lift or ease any limit on the number of licensees or certificate holders in order to meet the demand for marijuana for medical use by Qualifying Patients.


Sanitation Guidelines will soon be issued. Testing Guidelines will soon be issued and will be required for all products.

The Department shall not require any medical marijuana or medical marijuana-infused products to be tested more than once prior to sale No Medical Marijuana Testing Facility shall be owned by an entity under substantially common control, ownership, or management as a Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility, Medical Marijuana-Infused Product Manufacturing Facility, or Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility

All Applicant information will be kept confidential by the Department They will also be issuing guidelines, applications, etc. for patients and caregivers.



There will be a $5000 certification fee per certification. It’s $10,000 per license application for each grow license. Non Refundable.

Once licensed for grow facility, there is a $25,000 annual fee per city license

You can apply for multiple Dispensary Facilities. Each Dispensary Facility will require a separate license, and separate fee’s of $6000 per facility application.

Each Dispensary License is good for 3 years and are renewable. Licenses must be renewed within the three years and there is a $6000 renewal fee per facility license. It’s $3000 extra if you are late renewing. There is also a $10,000 annual fee per facility license.

Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facility. Each facility in operation shall require a separate license. A license shall be valid for three years and is renewable. The Department shall charge each applicant a non-refundable fee of $6000 per license application or renewal for each applicant filing an application within three years. A non-refundable fee of three thousand dollars per license application or renewal thereafter will be charged. Also there is an annual fee of $10,000 per facility license.



Secure Transport Guidance will be issued by the Department soon.


Types of Licenses Available

·            Marijuana Dispensary Facility: a person licensed to obtain marijuana from marijuana establishments and sell marijuana.

·            Marijuana Testing Facility: a person licensed to test marijuana and certify marijuana for potency and the presence of contaminants.

·            Marijuana Secure Transporter: a person licensed to obtain marijuana from marijuana establishments in order to transport it to other marijuana establishments.

·            Marijuana Processing Facility: a person licensed to obtain marijuana from marijuana establishments, process and package the marijuana, and sell it to marijuana establishments.

·            Marijuana Cultivation Facility: a person licensed to cultivate no more than 100 marijuana plants and sell the marijuana to marijuana establishments.

The regulatory department was made responsible for deciding testing, packaging, and labeling standards for marijuana.


License Specifics


Licensee’s will be required to annually submit an accounting report You can obtain multiple licenses for Marijuana grow Facility. Each facility requires a separate license.

 Once licensed an indoor grow facility can be up to 30,000 Sf of flowering canopy space. Each outdoor facility can grow up to 2800 plants Grow Facility- Not less than 1 license per 100,000 people in the State of Missouri. Processing Facility-Not less than 1 license per 75,000 people. Dispensaries-Not less than 24 per each U.S Congressional District in the State of Missouri (There are 8 districts, so 192 dispensaries altogether.).

License denials are appealable. Records are required for all retail sales. All Licensee’s must apply under a business entity with the majority shareholder having been a Missouri State resident for a minimum of at least one year before applying for the license. You need the Departments consent to transfer a license. Property that is licensed for Cannabis shall not be subject to forfeiture



Patients and Caregivers

There is a 4 ounce minimum limit that patients can access in any 30 day period, unless otherwise authorized by a doctor. Patients will have not a legal limit of 8 ounces (60 day supply) on them.

Caregivers can only have 3 patients. No public consumption No extracting allowed by patients or caregivers. Any patients and/or caregivers who are growing need to do so in an enclosed, locked facility with a security device for entrance. Patients and Caregivers need to renew their licenses annually



Taxes are 4% of the retail price for all cannabis products sold. Along with general state and local sales and use tax. A significant portion of that is going into the newly created Department of Revenue into the Missouri Veterans' Health and Care Fund.

Application Timeline

Licensing Applications will begin being accepted no later than 280 days from Nov. 6th of this year. They have 150 days after your submission to approve or deny your application.

Within one hundred eighty days of the effective date of Amendment 2 (Nov. 6th of this year), the Department shall make available to the public license application forms and application instructions for all Cannabis License Types.

In 210 days from Nov. 6th, applications for caregivers and patients will start being accepted.


Security requirements for any premises licensed or certified pursuant to this section, including, at a minimum, lighting, physical security, video, alarm requirements, and other minimum procedures for internal control as deemed necessary by the Department to properly administer and enforce the provisions of this section, including reporting requirements for changes, alterations, or modifications to the premises;

The Department will development of individual identification cards for owners, officers, managers, contractors, employees, State and federal fingerprint-based criminal background checks will be required for any true parties of interest (anyone owning 1% or more) that are applying for the license.



The Department can control informational and product displays on licensed premises, including facility, product display and examination by the Qualifying Patient and/or Primary caregiver, listings in business directories including phone books, listings in marijuana-related or medical publications, or the sponsorship of health or not for profit charity or advocacy events;


So Where Do You Begin?


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