State Required Manuals

Marketing Plans

(Required by the State)-What will you sell? How will you sell it? Who will you sell it to? How will you decide where to put your marketing dollars for customer acquisition? You really ought to want to know these things in advance, PLUS, the State REQUIRES you submit a Marketing plan which outlines your Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention strategy. Don’t worry, New Leaf has got you covered.

Operations Manuals

(Required by the State)-What steps will you use for entering products and or plants into the state required compliance software? How will you grow your product, from cloning to flowering, harvest and testing procedures? How will you open you provisioning center? How will you lab test your extracted products? Our Operations Manuals all include the STATE REQUIRED Facility Operations Plan, Inventory and Recordkeeping Plan, Staffing Plan, and Technology Plan, as well as sanitation and odor/nuisanance control, waste management and storage, etc. New Leaf will provide you with a top notch Ops Manual for your business. 

Quality Assurance Manuals

(Optional, but will put you ahead of the pack in the eyes of State evaluators)-What will you do if there is a product recall? What about releasing product for sale after lab testing? How ill you address employee hygiene, changing your standard operating procedures? Keeping an eye on overall product quality and compliance? The Quality Assurance manual outlines just that. We can provide you with one. 

Security Manuals

(Required by the State)-The state is EXTREMELY concerned with security. From surveillance, record retention,access control, equipment and specs..all the way to who will be the company monitoring your alarm system, and what security company will handle in house security guards. Not to mention a full blown risk assessment of your facility. This manual is absolutely REQUIRED by the State and we have worked hand in hand with Michigan Law Enforcement and our security partners to provide you with a security manual which will definitely pass evaluation.

Patient Education Manuals

(Required by the State for Dispensary’s)-Keep your patients informed and help them to make the right choices with the right knowledge right at their fingertips. If you are planning on running a provisioning center, or even if you are not, the Patient Education Manual is essential, AND required.


Employee Manuals

(Optional, but will put you ahead of the pack in the eyes of State Evaluators)-Addresses all types of issues related to the cannabis industry workplace, from vacation time, to protection of company secrets, all the way through to performance evaluation and emergency procedures. If you want your cannabis business and employee’s to run a tight ship, these specifically tailored employee manuals will come to the rescue. A must have.