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Need assistance getting a cannabis business license?  Schedule a Free Consultation

Cannabis fans, rejoice! In a 5-to-1 vote in City Council this morning, it was decided that Las Vegas will be allowing businesses that cater to marijuana consumption, reported. Councilwoman Victoria Seaman was the opposing vote and Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony did not vote, as he did not attend the meeting. Now that the vote has been completed, the next phase can begin in allowing marijuana-friendly establishments in Las Vegas.

They’re called Cannabis Lounges and are very much like taverns except they won’t sell alcohol. These lounges will strictly be for marijuana use. Since the legalization of marijuana in 2016, citizens have only been able to enjoy the recreational drug in their private homes. Now there will be public locations were cannabis connoisseurs can legally engage in smoking it. According to, Unincorporated Clark County and Las Vegas will be the only jurisdictions in Southern Nevada that will allow the lounges. North Las Vegas, Mesquite, Boulder City and Henderson opted out. As reported by, “Statewide, there will be 20 licenses issued to independent applicants for standalone gathering spots, half of which will go to “social equity applicants,” who’ve been adversely affected by marijuana laws before the state legalized the drug. The announcement comes as the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board said a week ago that its 10-day application window for the licenses was opening up in October, and as Clark County works to finalize its licensing regulations.”

The application process is now expected to open up in the first few months of 2023, with the first of these lounges in the county opening early in the same year. Las Vegas will join other cities that have opened similar lounges, including San Francisco, Oakland and West Hollywood in California, Denver, Colorado, and Worcester, Massachusetts.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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