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Michigan Cannabis Consulting Agency

There are basic guidelines for starting a cannabis business in any state. These guidelines will reflect the following businesses:

  • Provisioning Center/Dispensary
  • Grower/Cultivator
  • Processor
  • Secure Transporter
  • Safety Compliance Facility or Lab Testing Facility
  • Cannabis Facility
  • Marihuana infused Product or Cannabis Edibles

Basic Guidelines to Follow:

  • As you become updated on all your state’s cannabis regulations or cannabis business compliance, you’ll then need to head to your local state and city Medical and/or Recreational Cannabis licensing board to apply for a license.
  • Cannabis Entrepreneurs applying for a Michigan dispensary license, Michigan cultivation license, processor license, secure transporter, safety compliance facility or lab testing facility, Cannabis Facility, marijuana infused Product or Cannabis Edibles license must adhere to the revision of House Bill 4209.
  • Michigan Cannabis License Applicants must enter all transactions, current inventory, and other information into the statewide monitoring system. The House Bill 4827 authorizes LARA to provide an internet-based monitoring system for tracking, inventory checking and verifying cannabis products. This is currently known as the Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance (Metrc).
  • When applying for a license you must be a resident in the state of Michigan for more than two years.

Learn more in detail about the guidelines for getting your cannabis business license or a detailed understanding of your state’s cannabis business compliance here.

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