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Everything You Need to Win Adult Use Cannabis Social
Equity Licenses, Standard and Micro Licenses

New Leaf Cannabis Consulting Agency is offering exclusivity for each license application type in Maryland. New Leaf is only taking on a few more clients exclusively — only one applicant per license type — and there are only a few spots left for qualified applicants. This offer is only good for two more weeks. Hurry, time and spots are both running out!

Once we accept an applicant for your category, we will NOT BE TAKING ANOTHER. This means is that New Leaf will not be accepting any applicants that will be DIRECT COMPETITION IN YOUR CATEGORY. New Leaf can assist your company with:

  • Getting accepted into the lottery and awarded for social equity licensure.
  • Submitting a winning application for microbusiness licensure that will get the maximum points and highest score possible.
  • Winning one of the limited number of new small business licenses called “microbusinesses” and “social equity licenses.”

What does this mean?

Cannabis license types have already been filled and are currently unavailable. Sorry folks, but a non-compete and exclusivity means if your license type is filled already, we unfortunately cannot take you on as a client

Please note that this offer is only good for the next 2 weeks, after which we will not be accepting any more clients due to the fast approaching application window is getting shorter by the day. We want to make sure we have ample time to provide our exclusive clients with the highest scoring and best possible application submission.

Application Timeline

Round One:

Guidance and Application: July–August 2023. The new Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), in partnership with the new Office of Social Equity, will conduct outreach, training, and guidance on the application process for individuals interested in obtaining a new cannabis license.

Application Submission Period: September 2023–30-day application period for individuals and businesses interested in applying for a standard or micro cannabis license in Round 1. In Round 1, MCA may award up to the following number of licenses in each category:

Standard licenses:
20 grower licenses
40 processor licenses
80 dispensary licenses

Micro licenses:
30 grower licenses
30 processor licenses
10 dispensary licenses
10 incubator space licenses

Application Reviews: October–November 2023. MCA reviews application submission, conducts outreach to submitted applicants as necessary to complete the review. MCA conducts a lottery for Round 1 applicants and begins to select applicants for award.

Application Awards: January 1, 2024. MCA notifies selected Round 1 applicants of award.

First-round licenses are expected to be reserved for social equity applicants. To qualify as a Social Equity candidate, 65% ownership and control must be held by one or more individuals who:

  • Have lived in a disproportionately impacted area (DIA) for 5 of the 10 years prior to application submission;
  • Attended a public school in a DIA for at least 5 years;
  • Have for at least two years attended a 4-year institution of higher education in the state where at least 40% of the individuals who attend said institution are eligible for a Pell Grant; or
  • Meet other criteria to be established by the Commission based on the results of a disparity study.

Round Two:

Guidance and Application: May 2024. MCA announces Round 2 for standard and micro cannabis licenses, including on-site consumption licenses.

Application Submission Period: TBD
Application Reviews: TBD
Application Awards: TBD

Maryland expects to award of the following licenses in the second round:

Standard licenses:
25 grower
25 processor
120 dispensary

Micro Licenses:
70 grower
70 processor
190 dispensary micro licenses10 incubator space licenses
15 on-site consumption lounge licenses

Need assistance getting a Maryland cannabis business license?  Schedule a Free Consultation