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What Is a Marijuana Microbusiness in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Cannabis Control Act (House Bill 12) defines cannabis establishments that grow small quantities of cannabis plants as cannabis microbusinesses. Cannabis microbusiness are allowed to grow up to two hundred cannabis plants, however shall not possess more than 99 matured plants at a time.

Does New Mexico License Marijuana Microbusinesses?

It is illegal for any cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer to operate a microbusiness without obtaining a license. The New Mexico Cannabis Control Act authorizes the Cannabis Control Division (CCD) to license two types of marijuana microbusinesses. These include:

  • Integrated cannabis microbusiness — an establishment that engages in two to five marijuana activities.
  • Cannabis producer microbusiness — a marijuana business establishment that cultivates 200 plants of marijuana or less.

How to Apply for a New Mexico Cannabis Microbusiness License

The New Mexico Cannabis Control Division requires applicants to submit documentation including a social and economic equity plan, a plan for the sustainable use of energy and water, facility layout and much more. Non-refundable licensing and premises fees will need to be paid when submitting applications.

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Can Microbusiness Licensees Hold Other Marijuana Licenses in New Mexico?

New Mexico Microbusinesses do not need to hold multiple cannabis licenses to engage in different marijuana business activities. Cannabis microbusiness license applicants who wish to operate different cannabis businesses simultaneously may apply for an Integrated Cannabis Microbusiness License. The Integrated Cannabis Microbusiness License authorizes licensees to engage in these activities:

  • Marijuana production at a single facility
  • Marijuana plants cultivation at a single facility
  • Marijuana products manufacture
  • Marijuana or marijuana products distribution
  • Sales and transportation of marijuana products that are either produced or manufactured by the licensee

When applying for a license, the cannabis microbusiness applicant must list all the cannabis activities they want to engage in. The number of activities indicated will determine the annual license fees.

How Much Does a New Mexico Marijuana Microbusiness License Cost?

New Mexico requires applicants for marijuana microbusiness licenses to pay the annual license fees required for the type of microbusiness license they are applying for as well as a premises fee. There is also a $1,000 premises fee for each additional premises to be used for the cannabis microbusiness. The annual license fees payable by Cannabis Producer Micro Businesses are based on the number of marijuana plants they cultivate.

Cannabis Producer Microbusiness Annual License Fees:

100 plants or less $500
101-200 plants or less $1000

Integrated Cannabis Microbusiness Annual License Fees:

Establishments engaged in two cannabis activities $1000
Establishments engaged in three cannabis activities $1500
Establishments engaged in four cannabis activities $2000
Establishments engaged in five cannabis activities $2500

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