A Full-Service Cannabis Licensing Agency

Our Agency

New Leaf Cannabis Consulting Officially launched In January of 2016.

The New Leaf Team Are A group of Highly Skilled Professionals That Have Much Experience In The Industry a keen insight on Cannabis Project Management and Licensure

About Our Founder

A former Journalist for the Cannabis Business TImes, Scott W. Lowry has a keen insight on cannabis project management and licensure. Scott is also the Chief Operating Officer of a soon to be 50,000 SF Cannabis Grow Facility in Tecumseh, Ontario, where he and his partners spent a full year getting through the Canadian LP Licensure process with the backing of a law firm in Canada. After going through this most tedious process, the State of Michigan started gaining legalization momentum and the opportunity to start a full service cannabis consulting business presented itself.

Together with his team of a CPA, Director of Media and Design, Director of Security, and the Agency Attorney Seth Goldner, New Leaf has helped teams with licensure and business needs all over the United States.

As a team, we are heavily invested in the success of your cannabis project

New Leaf Cannabis Consulting Team

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Scott W. Lowry

CEO/Founder of New Leaf


Seth Goldner

Cannabis Attorney/Municipal Approval Specialist/Commercial Real Estate Advisor


Cathy Kosmerick

Director of Media and Design


Thomas Quisenberry

Director of Security Guidance


Sandra Hennessey

Director of FInance/CPA

Craig Hollenbaugh

Director of Grow Facility Design Guidance