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Cannabis Legalization Legislation In Delaware, A Hearing Is Coming Soon

Delaware lawmakers filed complementary cannabis legalization bills that would end prohibition, bringing a basic regulatory framework for the cannabis market in the state, reported Marijuana Moment.

Rep. Ed Osienski (D), who sponsored the legislation (HB 1 and HB 2 Bills), said in a press release: “Delaware has been missing an opportunity to participate in the adult recreational marijuana market (…) We’ve missed out on hurting the illegal market, creating a new industry with good-paying jobs, and bringing tax revenue into our state that is currently going to nearby states like New Jersey.”

Committee hearings on the proposals are already scheduled for the next week.

Hawaii Lawmakers File Marijuana Legalization Bills

Hawaii lawmakers officially filed bills to legalize cannabis in the state, reported Marijuana Moment.

Sponsored separately in their respective chambers, by Rep. Jeanné Kapela (D) and Sen. Chris Lee (D), the bill’s introductory text reads: “Legalization of cannabis for personal or recreational use is a natural, logical, and reasonable outgrowth of the current science of cannabis and attitude toward cannabis (…) The legislature further finds that cannabis cultivation and sales hold potential for economic development, increased tax revenues, and reduction in crime.”

Last week, during a press briefing with representatives of major advocacy organizations Kapela said: “Legalizing cannabis is not just a matter of money, it is a matter of moralities.”

South Dakota: Senate Passes Cannabis Bill Qualifying Illnesses For MMJ Card

The South Dakota Senate introduced a bill that would benefit medical marijuana patients in the state.

Some of the medical conditions that the measure includes for those patients who want to apply for an MMJ card are post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis, cancer, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, lateral sclerosis, epilepsy, and immune deficiencies, reported the South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Senator Erin Tobin, R-Winner, who is also a nurse practitioner, said the legislation would help guide healthcare workers to continue educating themselves on medical cannabis. “SB 1 [that is on its way to the House] really helps clear that up, because we’re really good at diagnosing people (…) Once we have a diagnosis, I think it will make it easier, then, to say, ‘yes, you need a medical marijuana card,” Tobin added.

Oregon Cannabis Update

Harris Bricken an international law firm summarized the draft bills lined up to be discussed in 2023 in Oregon.

Bills include SB 66 which increases from 3% to 10% the tax percentage that a city or county may impose. “A majority of these introduced or enrolled bills will not pass.

Certain early offerings will fall aside or be consolidated into an omnibus or “Christmas tree” bill. We tend to see one of those bigger bills each session, alongside work around the edges on discrete issues,” wrote Vincent Sliwoski, business lawyer.

Cannabis Proposal in Illinois

In Illinois, the Evanston City Council has discussed an ordinance that would reform control policies for alcohol and cannabis. Currently, City Code 9-5-10 regulates both substances.

However, two council members are proposing to separate the rules to mirror state legislation. Although the proposal doesn’t propose changes to restrictions for consumption, the amendments would allow drivers to carry opened cannabis containers in their cars as long as these are resealable.

Another Cannabis Capital Conference Happening In Miami

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Photo: Courtesy Of Roman Kraft On Unsplash

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