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Need assistance getting a cannabis business license?  Schedule a Free Consultation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – A recent study suggests daily marijuana use is out pacing daily drinking for the first time in years. For some, it’s a sign of the times as advocates push lawmakers toward legalization and decriminalization. For founder of Alabama Cannabis Coalition, H Marty Schelper it’s not a surprise. She says before any type of legislation or legalization, people have been using marijuana since the prohibition.

The study released Wednesday from Carnegie Mellon University does say more people are drinking alcohol over using marijuana. But of those who are using it they are consuming more than daily alcohol users. The study’s author says 40% of users report using marijuana daily and suggests the reason for the increase is the drug becoming more normalized. For Schelper, it’s a sign of what lawmakers should be doing next in terms of being progressive.

“What a person wants to put into their own body is their business. It’s not the government’s business. If somebody wants to drink alcohol, it’s not the government’s business. If somebody wants to consume cannabis in what ever shape form or fashion that they choose that is up to the citizen. It’s a constitutional right,” Schelper said.

While Schelper believes there are no health risk associated with cannabis use, health experts say daily use can lead to addiction or cannabis related psychosis, where a person loses touch with reality. While several states allow recreational marijuana use, Alabama is not one of those states. It also remains illegal at the federal level.

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