Vermont Cannabis Licensing Information

Vermont Cannabis Licensing Information



Allows Medical marijuana?: Yes

Allows Adult-Use marijuana?: Yes (Limited)

2018 Medical Sales : $22,000,000

2022 Projected Medical Sales : $44,000,000

2018 Adult Use Sales : $0

2022 Projected Adult Use Sales : $64,000,000

Noteworthy Information: On January 22, 2018, Governor Phil Scott signed a bill legalizing the possession and the limited cultivation of cannabis by adults 21+. It took effect on July 1st. Adults 21+ legally can possess up to one ounce of marijuana and can grow up to two mature marijuana plants and four immature marijuana plants per housing unit. Vermont has an established medical dispensary system. Vermont has an established medical dispensary system. The State passed an amendment in 2016 that allows for dispensaries to sell to one another, requires child-resistant packaging, and adds several qualifying conditions. In 2017, a bill was signed that added post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Parkinson’s disease, and Crohn’s disease to the list of qualifying conditions.

Is there a Regulatory Structure? (State Agency): Yes (Vermont Department of Public Safety)

# of Dispensaries Allowed (# issued): 6 allowed (5 issued)

# of Cultivations Allowed (# issued): N/A encompassed by dispensary

# of Manufacturers Allowed (# issued): N/A encompassed by dispensary

# of Testing labs Allowed (# issued): N/A

Note: Testing is not mandatory, but doing so has been recommended by the oversight committee. However, the State may request sampling.

Geographic Distribution of Licenses: No mandatory distribution is indicated

Application Fee:

Dispensary application fee= $ 2,500.00

Registered Caregiver Application Fee= $50
Patient application fee= $50
Patient or Caregiver Change of Information form Processing Fee= $25

Licensing Fees:
Initial Dispensary registration fee= $ 20,000.00
Renewal Dispensary registration fee= $ 25,000.00

Person associated with a dispensary ID card fee= $50
Person associated with a dispensary ID card Renewal fee= $ 50.00

New Card fee (e.g. lost card, change of dispensary): $25

Residency Requirements:

Vertical Integration Allowed, Required or Prohibited:
Allowed (There is only one license, titled "dispensary." Such a license entitles the holder to grow, manufacture, and/or sell marijuana. A 2016 amendment now allows dispensaries to sell, lend, or give to one another, as long as all possession limits pertaining to cultivation (tied to number of patients) are honored.)

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Patient Conditions:
Multiple sclerosis;
Crohn’s disease;
Parkinson’s disease;
Or the treatment of these conditions, if the disease or the treatment results in severe, persistent, and intractable symptoms;
PTSD, provided the applicant is undergoing psychotherapy or counseling with a licensed mental health care provider; or
A disease or medical condition or its treatment that is chronic, debilitating, and produces one or more of the following intractable symptoms: cachexia or wasting syndrome; chronic pain; severe nausea; or seizures.

Testing Required:
Yes (the amount of THC must be on each label)

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