Louisiana Cannabis Licensing Information

Louisiana Cannabis Licensing Information


Allows Medical marijuana?: Yes

Allows Adult-Use marijuana?: No

2018 Medical Sales : 5,000,000

2022 Projected Medical Sales : $44,000,000

2018 Adult Use Sales : N/A

2022 Projected Adult Use Sales : N/A

Noteworthy Information: As of September 17th, 31 doctors have been licensed in Louisiana to recommend marijuana. Only non-smokable methods are permitted. Medical Marijuana was anticipated to be available in September 2018 but GB Sciences, the cultivator for the LSU AgCenter, said the earliest harvest likely will be in November. The Board of Medical Examiners recently removed the cap on the number of patients a doctor can treat with medical marijuana. They also removed a requirement that patients see their doctor after 90 days of treatment before they can receive a renewal.

Is there a Regulatory Structure? (State Agency): Yes (Louisiana Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Agriculture and Forestry)

# of Dispensaries Allowed (# issued): 10 [called "pharmacies" instead of dispensaries] (9 issued)

# of Cultivations Allowed (# issued): 2. Medical marijuana will only be grown and extracted at the agriculture centers of Louisiana State University and Southern University. LSU has a contract with GB Sciences to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. Louisiana Southern University has contracted Advanced Biomedics for medical marijuana cultivation and production.

# of Manufacturers Allowed (# issued): Integrated with Cultivation [See above]

# of Testing labs Allowed (# issued): Not presently known

Geographic Distribution of Licenses: One dispensary will operate in each of the nine regions of the state established by the Louisiana Department of Health.

Application Fee:
Pharmacy application (non-refundable): $5,000

Licensing Fees:
New Pharmacy permit: $150
Pharmacy permit renewal (yearly): $125
Controlled Dangerous Substance license: $25
Controlled Dangerous Substance license renewal (yearly): $25
Prescription monitoring program fee: $25 (yearly)

Residency Requirements:
Not presently known

Vertical Integration Allowed, Required or Prohibited:
Not presently known, but also not really possible, as there is only one cultivation/manufacturing license, which two universities have the right of first refusal to acquire, and distribution can only be by a licensed pharmacy

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Patient Conditions:
- Cancer
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Crohn’s Disease
- Cachexia (weakening or wasting away of the body due to chronic illness
- Epilepsy
- Any of these four conditions associated with autism spectrum disorder as an eligible condition:
-- repetitive or self-stimulatory behavior of such severity that the physical health of the person with autism is jeopardized;
-- avoidance of others or inability to communicate of such severity that the physical health of the person with autism is jeopardized;
-- self-injuring behavior; and
-- physically aggressive or destructive behavior.

Effective August 8, 2018:
- Glaucoma
- Parkinson’s disease
- Severe muscle spasms
- Intractable pain
- Post traumatic disorder

Testing Required:

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