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Need assistance getting a cannabis business license?  Schedule a Free Consultation

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission will meet with prospective producers and distributors this week to attempt to resolve litigation over the state’s licensing process.

A Montgomery County Circuit judge Wednesday extended a temporary restraining order to allow the negotiations to go forward.

The commission faces several lawsuits over the licensing process. The lawsuits allege the commission violated the state Open Meetings Act while issuing licenses Aug. 10 or improperly voided licenses granted in an earlier round. Both the court and the commission have suspended the licensing process.

Will Somerville, an attorney for Alabama Always, one of the companies suing the the commission, said after the hearing it’s unclear what might come out of the negotiations. Somerville hopes that it will streamline the process to allow the best applicants to receive a license “without being stuck in court for years to come,” he said.


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